About Us

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd specialises in Odour Control Solutions, Grease / Fat Trap Services and Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Products. The Head Office is based in Pretoria, South Africa. We offer a total solution – from evaluation to complete installation to your odour problems and pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers.

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 B-BBEE (51% Black owned, 25,5% Female Black owned)  South African company with its headquarters in Pretoria. OdorCure has been active in the Southern African market since 1996 and have also undertaken various large projects outside of the borders of South Africa.

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd has branches in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape and is further represented through affiliations with other companies such as Vitacure, Odour Control Solutions and Biocure in the Western Cape as well as Odour Engineering Systems in Kwazulu Natal.

OdorCure represents powerful brands such as Biorem, Ecolo and Super F. OdorCure also has a Water & Wastewater division specialising in Leachate treatment, Bioremediation of contaminated water sources and the design and installation of forced evaporation systems.

Many industries and businesses are plagued by malodours as byproducts of production processes or waste handling. Owners and managers of such facilities constantly have to deal with complaints from employees, passers-by, customers and neighbours alike. Inevitably, relationships with stakeholders suffer, business image is tainted and ultimately profits are affected.

Odour control solutions can require significant capital investments, and implementation often results in disappointment. Because odour control initiatives involve complex issues and open systems, there is no guarantee that a particular odour reduction method will be effective.

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd has over the past 17 years implemented many successful systems. Examples of existing local applications are food processing plants, animal feed processing plants, fish processing, wastewater treatment works, refuse processing facilities, fuel refineries, research facilities, sports centers, shopping centers, and hospitals.

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd also offers emergency and temporary odour control treatments in case of emergencies or temporary odour occurrences. In case of an emergency a system can be set up in a matter of a few hours.

Our odour control systems can be automated and operation coordinated with plant operation, wind direction, humidity and/or ambient temperature.

Long standing customers include commercial clients such as Monte Casino, Emperor’s Palace, Silverstar Casino, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Sandton Shopping Centre to name a few. OdorCure also service industrial clients such as Sasol Synfuels, Natref, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Johannesburg Water, Eskort, Envirofill, Enviroserv, Airports Company South Africa, Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, Eskom, SAB, BHP Billiton and many others.

When a customer contacts us the following process is typically followed:

  1. An on-site assessment is done and a proposal specified in writing.
  2. Capital and running costs are quantified in a written quotation.
  3. If the customer wishes to proceed, a system is installed on a trial basis.
  4. The system is adjusted and fine-tuned to the customer’s satisfaction.
  5. The system is permanently installed on receipt of an order.
  6. A service and maintenance agreement may be concluded.

All our systems are environment friendly; material safety data sheets are available on request.

Since we opened our doors in 1996 the business has grown from strength to strength because we offer:

  1. Cost-effective, practical solutions.
  2. A no risk approach for the customer.
  3. Flexible applications.
  4. Focus on after-sales service and back-up.


If you wish to know more about our range of products and services, please give us a call at 012 111 0837 or e-mail us.