OdorCure (Pty) Ltd extends its reach

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in News

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd constantly strive to give the absolute best service to clients, and living up to the high standards that we’ve set for ourselves. ┬áBranching out to other regions and provinces, OdorCure Eastern Cape (Pty) Ltd is an extension of the very successful branch in Gauteng, and the exceptional customer service continues in the greater Eastern Cape.


Recenlty OdorCure Eastern Cape (Pty) Ltd serviced the grease trap at Galaxy Grill, situated at Moffett on Main Lifestyle Centre, and once again the before and after images speak for itself.


GT_galaxygrill7aGT_galaxygrill6a GT_galaxygrill5a GT_galaxygrill4a GT_galaxygrill3a