OdorCure specialises in Odour Control Solutions, Grease and Fat Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Services and Water and Wastewater Treatment. We offer a total solution, from evaluation to complete installation to your odour problems and pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers.

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The business was established in 1996 and has a variety of clients from different industries. The Head Office based in Pretoria serves the Gauteng, North West, Northern Province, Limpopo, Mpumalanga while the Port Elizabeth office services the Eastern Cape. Our associate companies namely Vitacure Systems (Western Cape), Odour Control Solutions (Western Cape), BioCure (Western Cape) and Odour Engineering Sysytems (Kwazulu Natal) will be able to assist in their respective areas.

OdorCure is in business to control unwanted odours safely, unobtrusively and at a reasonable cost.

We design, install and maintain automatic odour control solutions for every situation. Because unwanted smells are not specific to any industry or place, Ecolo Odour Control Systems are used by a wide variety of customers around the world to keep their facilities odour-free.

Whether you manage a sports stadium, a sewerage treatment plant, hotels, apartments or anything in between, we have an Ecolo Odour Control System to suit your needs. Since beginning operations in 1975, Ecolo has never met an organic odour we could not eliminate.

Our airSolutions are not only effective; they are natural, and therefore 100 percent safe.  Ecolo delivery systems do not use aerosols or ozone-depleting CFCs. Our odour control formulations are blended from essential oils derived from plant extracts.  Ecolo airSolutions have been certified safe and non-toxic by government health departments around the world as well as by leading independent laboratories. 

As odours continue to evolve, so do Ecolo Odour Control Systems.  We are continually working to refine our existing formulations and to find newer and more effective ways of delivering them.  If your facility has an odour problem, we have a way to eliminate it.