Wastewater Treatment

OdorCure (Pty) Ltd’s services include wastewater treatment. By using the most extensive array of odour control systems and solutions for Commercial, Municipal and Industrial applications. OdorCure utelise Ecolo products and this company strive to provide products and services that meet the individual needs of customers, and at OdorCure we do exactly the same.

With more than 80 unique formulations and engineered application systems at our disposal, we are confident that we can assist you with all your odour control needs.



Forced Water Evaporation: Why Mechanical Evaporation?



Enhanced evaporation is considered as an alternative process to a number of wastewater treatment applications such us Reverse Osmosis, Chemical Dosing or Desalination. The evaporation process may be carried out naturally in solar evaporation ponds (which is slow and requires a great deal of area) or by mechanical forced evaporation systems.

Natural solar evaporation is often limited by land availability and the cost of constructing additional storage ponds, not to mention the added cost of clean up and revegetation. Forced evaporation systems can rapidly increase the evaporation process. Evaporation systems are relatively compact, reliable and efficient. They can be a low cost addition to enhance evaporation on existing containment ponds or to minimise new pond surface area.

OdorCure Evaporators are now used to manage water in industrial environments, producing water evaporation rates beyond traditional approaches such as misting heads and irrigation systems. In addition our systems are modular and can be tailored to your exact needs or requirements.

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Leachate Treatment

For the past four years OdorCure has been involved in the treatment of landfill leachate for several of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Councils landfill sites. From the installation of pumping equipment and pipelines spanning several kilometers, the design and installation of automated dosing stations to the supply of chemicals.

Once treated the leachate is pumped into Erwat’s lines and land up at the waste water treatment works where it is treated further before being discharged back into nature.





In recent years OdorCure has established itself as one of the preferred service providers to clients such as Johannesburg Water for the bio-remediation of contaminated water sources.

Our arsenal of products and systems from MEGA-LAB Manufacturing Ltd. in Canada, puts us in the unique position to treat contaminated water with products specially formulated for the degradation of almost any kind of organic contaminant.

The Air 1-4 Aearation System, is a super-efficient, affordable and safe system for circulating up to 8,190 GPM. In a typical pond with 8 foot depths, an Air 1-4 can aerate approximately 2 acres depending on dissolved oxygen demand and other factors.

A piston compressor, housed in a rustproof outdoor cabinet, feeds a bottom mounted Airstation 1-4 diffuser utilising Mega-Lab’s Micron Bubble Technology. As bubble size decreases, oxygen transfer rates increase dramatically. The rising force of millions of bubbles circulates the entire water column, moving bottom water up to the surface thus allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed.

Oxygen levels are increased and kept constant throughout the entire system. With no electricity in the water, Mega-Lab’s aeration systems are safe for any type of water system. Our self-cleaning Airstation 1-4 diffuser allows for years of high performance, reliability and low maintenance.

You can watch the video on how the Air 1-4 Aeration system operates.


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