Odour control

Neutralise (not mask)
almost any odour problem

Odour control

(not mask)
almost any odour problem


Neutralise (not mask) surface and air borne odours.


Eliminate odours in waste water, sludge, wastes and others.

The Ecolo product range

Ecolo AirSolutions are different! Normal masking agents only add scent to hide the odour. Our misting odour-neutralisers attract and neutralise odours through reactive chemical processes for permanent destruction.

These highly concentrated and versatile formulas are dispersed through our rugged AirStreme automated misting systems.

AirSolution is safe to use and environmentally friendly.


  • Airborne Odours
  • Surface Odours
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors


Ecolo AirSolution doesn’t just mask, but neutralises airborne and surface odours safely and naturally.

AirSolution can be customised to a variety of different places and situations, including commercial trash rooms, kitchens, industrial spaces, wastewater treatment areas, and many more.

AirPro Mini

The AirPro Mini is the perfect odour combatant for small spaces, like reception areas, small offices, and retail stores. The AirPro Mini removes odours and leaves spaces refreshed.


Ecolo BioStreme topical solutions are applied directly to surfaces where odours are soaked in, and prevents further odour development.

Biostreme additives eliminate odours where they are generated and aid in decomposing biological waste.


Ecolo XStreme is a waterless odour control solution that can be used in both commercial sites, to treat odours created by standing waste, and wastewater treatment systems, to eliminate odours and organic sulfur-based compounds.


The AirStreme product range, which includes the AirPro Mini, are designed to eliminate airborne odours in a variety of commercial applications, and in multiple spaces.


Ecolo GelTech is the ideal solution for small areas like washrooms and corridors. GelTech uses a gel solution to help eliminate malodours and freshen the air.


The Super-F product range

Super-F Technology is made of complex compounds of natural extracts derived from plants, trees, leaves, flowers, fruits and other plant sources. Injecting the products in the course of your processes can completely neutralise odours and gasses such as ammonia, mercaptans, H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and others.

Super-F Technology offers personalised formulas for all situations. The special mixtures are non-toxic, biodegradable, and has no negative effect – the environment is important.

Super-F is not regulated for transport.


  • Landfills & composting sites
  • Waste water
  • Sludge treatment & de-watering plants
  • Waste
  • Dumpsters & waste compactors
  • Air exhaust systems, flares & chimneys

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